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Some links you might find interesting  3Ps videos  All about the prison projects  Programes for children and more   Good vibrations in Shamley Green!


Any books by Sydney Banks who first came up with the 3 Principles

Somebody should have told us by Jack Pransky

Real by Clare Dimond

How good can you stand it by Thomas Kelley

The inside out revolution by Mike Neil

The Space Within by Michael Neil

The relationship handbook by George and Linda Pransky

Wisdom for life by Elsie Spittle

Nuggets of Wisdom by Elsie Spittle

Invisible Power by Ken Manning,, Robin Charbit & Sandra Krot they use 3ps to transform  businesses

Instant Motivation by Chantal Burns again business focused.

The little book of BIG change by Amy Johnnson

Coming home by Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff


and many more to come .....


3Ps Conference


The UK 3 Principles conference takes place in North London during May/June each year. You can attend in person or watched online. You can also buy the recordings from past conferences.


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