Welcome to Creative Change
Welcome to Creative Change

Claire McMillan

I’ve been helping people with their psychological wellbeing since 1995. Over the years I've done a lot of training and if you are interested there is an extensive list below. These days what underpins all my work is a model called the 3 Principles or 3Ps. For me this is the best explanation of what lies behind all human experience. It is also the simplest yet most effective method of bringing about real and lasting change. It seems that when we get out of our own way, amazing things can happen.


I have three year’s experience working within the Psychological Wellbeing Dept of Kingston Hospital Occupational Health Dept. Initially as part of their staff counselling team for my Psychotherapy trianing placement and later teaching relaxation to the staff.  I also worked as part of the North Surrey Domestic Abuse Outreach Team.  Before that I worked in Theatre, Film and Television with costumes and I still work with people from those fields on both sides of the atlantic. 


The ususal annual CPD of course and then.

Mental Landscaping - Sept 2017

Thought Pattern Management Modules 1 & 2 - Sept 2017, Fiona Sutherland

Deep Listening - June 2015, Jack Pransky

Innate Wellbeing, 3 Principle Practitioner Training - Jan '14 to Dec '14 

The Promise of Coaching - Oct 2014 Ian McDermott, Pamela Richarde 
An Ontological approach to Coaching - Nov 2014 Terri Lupberger

Certificate in Applied Neuroscience - Sept '13 - ITS as below
Neuroscience, attachment and affect regulation - Peter Afford , Nov 2012
Intro to NLP and Neuroscience - ITS - Ian McDermott and Patricia Riddle, June 2012
Metaphors of Movement - Andy Austin, March 2012
How to Lift Depression 2011 - Uncommon Knowledge
Certificate in Contemporary Psychotherapy 2008 Beeleaf
Ericksonian Hypno-Psychotherapy 2007 Beeleaf
Rapid Trauma and Phobia treatment of - 2004 Minefields College
Understanding and stopping addictive behaviour - 2002 Minefields
CoachU - graduated  2001 (2years study)
NLP Master Practitioner 2001- Ian McDermott, Tad James, Robert Dilts, Suzie Smith
NLP Practitioner 2000 - Ian McDermott
Atkinson Ball School of Advanced Hypnotherapy 1996 - Cherith Powell and Greg Ford
Master Hypnotist Diploma 1995 - Proudfoot School


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